I may be biased, I mean, of course I am but still, I just have to say that we have some of the most thoughtful friends and family anyone could ask for.

We wanted any celebration to be simple and kept fairly local. We didn’t want to impose on folks living across the state/country with a huge travel commitment for just a little celebration.

But a few folks did travel and Ashley’s sister happened to be in town from NYC, which was absolutely amazing timing on her part.

Just about every part of the planning was done for us and it turned out just incredible.

As spring really gets going, everyone’s calendars quickly fill with commitments and we wanted to let people know “Hey stop by for some lunch or one of Ashley’s cookies, or hang for 5 hours and drink a bunch of beer/diet dr. peppers with us.”

Anyways, from the food, to the entertainment to the pool/firepit afterparty it was an amazing day for us and hopefully for those who joined in on the activities.

Ashley and I were absolutely blown away at all the love and support that was given to us this weekend.

Thank you everyone involved!

And a few more photos from the day!

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