Almost two years ago, Raudel took a few 1st birthday portraits of our good friends Inti and Michelle’s son, Azul. You can see some of those photos here.

Family Portrait Dick Nichols District Park Austin

During our lovely Engagement Celebration in March, Raudel mentioned to Inti that he would love to take a few portraits of their newly joined dogs, two rescues from Austin Pets Alive.

Husky Dog Family Portrait Austin Texas

So with Azul’s third birthday fast approaching, Inti and Michelle decided to take Raudel up on his offer. Little did we know, besides wanting to use our short mini-session for updated family portraits (featuring the new pups), they also wanted to let Azul know he was going to be a big brother in a few months!!

Young Child Family Portrait Dick Nichols District Park Austin Texas

Dog Family Portrait Austin Texas portrait

We felt so honored and excited to play a small part in everything. And of course, the best parts was the fact that they wanted us to capture the reaction when they told Azul about the baby to come!

Family Portrait Dick Nichols District Park Austin Texas

We chose a public park in south Austin. The weather was overcast that day and threatening a spring rain shower. So we knew we needed to work fast, not only to beat the rain, but to keep a toddler’s attention.

family dog and son portrait austin texas

father dog family field park austin texas

Inti and Michelle brought some props which really helped shape some of the shots we were going for. While Raudel was getting some shots of the dogs, I stayed back and captured some photos of sweet Azul and Michelle, I swear there’s nothing like a mother-son bond.

mother and son familiy portrait tree black and white film

Family Portrait Dick Nichols District Park Austin Texas

mother and son Family Portrait Dick Nichols District Park Austin Texas

After, it was time to bring everyone together and reveal the news to Azul, we let the conversation unfold naturally and captured the moments as they came. Boy his is reaction was priceless! and I’m not gonna lie, I may or may not have gotten a little chocked up myself! The photos can speak for themselves but there was literally pure joy and happiness in the air that day.

family portrait austin texas

mother holding son family portrait austin texas

Father and son hug family portrait black and white film

We are so excited for our friends and can’t wait to find out if Azul will have a new baby brother or sister! We know Azul is going to be the best big brother and baby G is already so loved!

Family Portrait Dick Nichols District Park Austin Texas

new family pregnancy announcement family portrait austin texas

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