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When Ashley and I got engaged on February 22nd 2018, it kind of felt like living in a GOLDEN dream for a few weeks. We had such a wonderful proposal experience that when we would reflect and look back on the photos, it made us even more excited for the eventual wedding.

You can see photos from our engagement proposal here:

The congratulations and excitement we received our friends and family was so sweet and meant SOO much to us. My parents threw us a little engagement party about a month later, which was so well attended and beautiful.

You can see photos from our engagement party here:

A few friends and family sent us their planning resources, including one pretty advanced spreadsheet for planning dinner menus. We were thankful for the support and tried to take a little of everything.From previous weddings, we knew of a few venues but quickly realized that Mercury Hall was just the perfect venue for us. With our guest list and budget, the central Austin location, the INCREDIBLE trees and the greenery that’s just everywhere. We loved it.

Knowing that nearly half the wedding guests would be traveling from NY, we wanted to lessen the chance of a winter snow storm ruining travel plans. We looked over historical weather data and March 29 looked good, and Mercury Hall was still available that day. So within a month of our engagement, we had the venue booked, for the following March. 

After the venue, we started in on trying to find a wedding photographer that matched the look we wanted, had been to the venue and fit our budget. It was a TALL order y’all. But we found someone wonderful and soooo talented that would work with us, it was one of the BEST decisions we made. Thank you so much Amanda!

The wedding dress shopping lasted for months, BUT Ashley ended up going with a dress from the first shop she visited, and the dress itself was actually the last she tried on there, and it wasn’t even one that she had picked out. The story goes that the store owner asked her to try on just one more dress she thought might work, and she was right, it was PERFECT!

It was a family effort to put together the remaining details, and let me tell you, wedding planning is not for the faint of heart. It took so much time and effort for everything to finally come together. We really couldn’t have pulled this off without our friends and family. 

The day came and went in the blink of an eye. It’s true what they say, it’s over before you know it. If I had one piece of advice for the next bride or groom reading this it would be to savor every moment. Really stop and try to take it all in. Pictures help but you’ll never be able to relieve that day again so you gotta keep it close in memory. And seriously, don’t sweat the small stuff, things WILL go wrong but who cares! you just married the love of your life! what’s more important than that! 


It was by far, the best day of our lives. I would 100% go through the stress of planning If I could go back to that day all over again (Raudel might disagree hehe). March 29, 2019 marked the beginning of the rest of our lives together and I cant wait to spend forever with the love of my life!

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