I asked Ashley to marry me on Feb 22nd 2018 and she said yes.

Initially, we had planned to go to dinner on that Friday night, the 23rd, Ashley’s birthday. I wanted her birthday to always be special and not necessarily be the day we became engaged. We had family coming into town on Friday, so I convinced her to do her birthday dinner a day earlier. Even though I tried my best, I knew she was skeptical about the change of plans.

Laundrette, is special to us. We had our first date there, way back in 2014. Since then its become one of our favorite restaurants, for the nostalgia, the brussels sprouts and the fried calamari.

A few days prior, I met up with my friend Bryce to ask if he would be there to try and capture the proposal. He said yes immediately. We went over to Laundrette right after and worked out a plan on how to get a good view.

The weather had been rainy and because of that, the restaurant had the shutters for their patio seating closed. I walked in and asked if they could be opened, explaining my proposal plan, they said they would take care of it and wished me luck. It really was all starting to come together.

That day I was so excited. I was so worried Ashley would see the bulge of the engagement ring box in my jacket pocket or catch my friend with a camera hanging around outside. She swears she didn’t know but she may have suspected. Either way it all went perfectly imperfect, she said yes.

The restaurant broke out in cheers when we walked in. The amazing staff had champagne ready for us and everyone toasted to our engagement.

Here’s few photos of the engagement proposal, captured by my good friend Bryce Rothhammer. Thank you so much Bryce, you’re a true friend.

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