Ashley and I have had the pleasure of attending Friendsgiving’s the past few years.

Last year, one of our couple friends were living in Houston. We ventured down there and had a great time together.

This year, and luckily for us, they’re living in East Austin now and wanted to host again!

I was so freakin’ impressed by the effort that went into this year’s dinner party.

From the printed menus, to the assortment spread of starters, the beautiful florals and the delicious apertif, it was all a quite lovely treat.

Oh and the one of the best parts??? They wanted us to bring our pup, Chuy! He was a very good boy.

And what dinner party is complete without a few games… like Catan (not pictured below)!!!

Ashley continued her streak of winning in Catan. And truthfully, she was only briefly held off by some very dubious dealings among her opponents.

We also played another card game, called Exploding Kittens (pictured above!), it was a nice change of pace and a lot of fun.

And finally, a little fall view of downtown Austin from the east side.

downtown austin viewed from the east side with fall foliage

Cheers y’all!

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