We’d never been to Eberly Ranch in Chappell Hill, Texas. I had heard of it in another life, when I was an engineer attending an industry happy hour. Alas, I hadn’t had the chance to visit.

Eberly Ranch Chappell Hill Texas Farm Hay bales

We planned our session as any other, starting our research of the venue via their website and social media. During the planning activity, I also take a look at the surrounding area using Google Earth. As a very visual thinker, its an amazing way to get the sense of a place.

bride standing in field hay bales eberly ranch

bride standing in field with hay bales Chappell Hill Texas

For a place as large as Eberly Ranch, something around 1,300 acres, we realized we could have at least two distinct looks; the hay field and the ranch’s beautifully set water feature.

bride standing near lake eberly ranch texas black and white

bride standing by lake eberly ranch texas

bridal wedding veil by lake eberly ranch texas

bride standing lakefront chappell hill texas

We arrived about an hour and half before our bride. We found the two main areas of interest pretty quickly and while making our way back to the clubhouse area, we met up with the caretaker.

bridal wedding veil by lake eberly ranch texas black and white

The caretaker took us on a quick tour all over the property. He event let us feed the fish! And of course, like many of the elder Texans we’ve met, he had a million stories to tell us.

bride under tree with lake background eberly ranch texas

As determined story tellers, there was no shortage of inspiration here.

bride surrounded trees mist fog diffused light eberly ranch texas

A bride is always enough.

When you’re given so much to work with, it makes any direction we turn into a question of whether we have enough time before the sun has set.

bride in front of firewood stack

bride accessories jewelry necklace monogram initials

bride accessories jewelry earrings

dramatic lighting shadows bride in front of firewood stack

Our bride, Diane was so relaxed and ready to create something beautiful together. We were also joined by my dad, who helped with the lighting and moving our equipment around; and Diane’s parents, who acted as chauffeurs and let Diane largely avoid the Texas summer heat as we moved between locations.

We’re so excited to photograph Diane and Alejandro’s wedding in November.

Cheers y’all!!

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