It’s always an honor to document love. To be invited into someone’s story, to experience a moment shared between two people that is so special and so intimate that it will forever change each of their lives, is an incredible feeling to say the least.

I know I’m not the only one, but to say that I love love is an understatement. So when Nick contacted us to photograph his proposal to his beautiful, now fiancé, Jordan, I was pumped!

Nick already had chosen a date, as well as the general location. It was to take place the Texas State Capitol, where they both work, on her birthday, with a surprise get-together afterwards with friends and family (swoon! Men take note!)

Now that we knew the date and time, the planning began. The question being exactly where at the Capitol, Nick looked to us for deciding what would be best. Our goal was to create and capture an epic and memorable moment unique to Nick and Jordan. Raudel and I scouted out the grounds one friday afternoon (lord it was hotttt) to determine the best options for overall composition, ease of set-up for Nick and minimizing any distractions in a busy tourist area, above all we wanted the a spot that showcased the best light and view.

With little hesitation, Raudel asked me to rope in a few innocent by-standards to be our step-in bride and groom. Luckily I found two women who weren’t shy toward my friendly request. They even got down on one knee; ladies you the real MVP!

Walking the grounds of the Capitol, we gathered shots from a few different angles and used them to compile a little scouting guide for Nick. For each distinct area, we included photos and a list of Pro’s and Con’s to help guide his decision on the best possible setting for his proposal. About a week before the proposal Raudel and Nick met up at the Capitol to make a final decision and perform a quick walk through. Cue happy nerves!

The day of was a beautiful Friday evening, the sun was slowly starting to set and Nick and Jordan were finishing up with her birthday dinner while Raudel and I set up at the Capitol, went over our plan for the one millionth time and prepared to shoot. I can only imagine the excitement that Nick was feeling inside during that whole dinner, I mean, I was only shooting the proposal and even I had butterflies!

We got the text they were on their way, we got into our places and the rest is history….She said yes of course! I think the photos speak for themselves that she was surprised! Heres to a lifetime of love for Nick and Jordan, we’re so happy for you!

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couple holding hands engagement proposal austin texas state capitol

down on one knee proposing engagement proposal austin texas state capitol

down on one knee proposing engagement proposal austin texas state capitol

engagement proposal austin texas state capitol

newly engaged hugging happy joyful couple austin texas state capitol

newly engaged embracing joyful couple austin texas state capitol

newly engaged couple admiring ring austin texas state capitol
Checking out the new rock.
newly engaged happy joyful couple austin texas state capitol
Off to their happily ever after.

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  1. Great photos, you two!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! They will LOVE looking back on their special time that you memorialized for them through your photography!!! You can actually FEEL their excitement and her surprise!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Thank you! That’s exactly what we were going for! It was such an awesome experience to be a part of from start to finish and to capture their emotion and surprise was just priceless. We are so happy for them!

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