We were asked if we wanted to join a few friends forĀ the Women’s March on Austin and we said yes.

It turns out that tens of thousands in Austin also said yes, and millions across the nation also said yes.

Here’s a few photos from that day.

star wars womens rights handmade painted cardboard poster austin texas women's march
Some hand painted signs
converse shoes nike air max sneakers together
Taking a rideshare to the protest
The Contemporary Austin displaying large lettering that states Liberty and Justice for all on the upper deck
The Contemporary Austin participating in the protests
walking underneath the paramount marquee facade
Underneath the Paramount marquee, headed to the Capitol Building
younger sister holding older sister's long shirt sleeve while walking
front of the women's march on austin protest
The front of the Women’s March on Austin
sisters walking in the women's march on austin with protest signs
In the march, with handmade signs
Women's march with the state capitol building in the background
The march, with the State Capitol in the background
Women's march with mexican LGBTQ samesex rights flag
Marching for everyone
austin women's march participants and friends with signs
Women’s March on Austin friends
walking along the capitol lawn austin texas
Walking along the Capitol lawn
female photographer taking photographs of the protest on the capitol building lawn
Ash using her new camera
Texas capitol building with women's march on austin protesters
The Texas Capitol building with marchers
austin texas capitol building lawn
On the Capitol lawn
texas capitol promenade protesters
Looking toward the Capitol promenade
texas capitol building promenade with protesters from women's march on austin
Texas Capitol Building promenade with protesters

It was really kind of an incredible experience, thanksĀ for looking, I hope you join us all next time.

See you again soon.

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