Sometimes taking the earliest (read: least expensive) flight means you get to watch the sunrise.


And there’s way less folks around so you can eat your giant bag of M&M’s, reduced fat kettle chips and beef jerky in peace. I love not spending a fortune on airport food, so I always make sure to stock up on snacks and stuff them into my carry-on.


But for real, why are those biscoff cookies they give in-flight so amazing? It has to be an altitude thing, because I’ve tried them at sea level, not nearly as delicious.

Also, pro-tip, don’t choose the seats in front of the emergency exit! Why? Because they don’t recline. At least I had a lot of snacks handy.


The colors in New York during November were incredible. I was so happy that the leaves had yet to completely fall.


Oh did I mention our travel plans were a well kept secret?




A day of travel. Some hugs and tears. Pizza and beer. And a super cute baby. What a day!

More to come soon.

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