For the most part, all the photos on my site are available for printing. The real decision is whether you want a paper or canvas print.

Paper prints display better sharpness than canvas. Framed prints are traditional and often times, the frame adds to the photo and the overall feel of the room as well. It’s not uncommon for a frame to cost more than what was paid for the photo (the print itself and the rights to print it from the creator).

canvas print austin texas photographer
A closer view of a canvas print, note the texture of the canvas material in the darkest areas

Canvas prints may not be as detailed as paper prints, however, they are not subject to glare or reflections which can happen with photo prints. Canvas prints do not need to be framed and thus, offer a window into a scene. They may even come off as more artistic due to the painting-like feel and borderless appearance.At larger sizes, canvas prints are also much more economical than photo prints, mainly due to not needing a very large, expensive, frame (and accompanying glass pane).

canvas print austin texas photographer
One of several types of mounting hardware for a canvas print

For a lot of folks these days local business is all the rage. You may pay a little more, but you are supporting the people in your community. I used a local printer recently for a canvas print and couldn’t be happier with the total quality.

canvas print austin texas photographer
Fabrication details of a canvas frame from a local printer

Even though I specified an in-store pick-up, the print was wrapped multiple times in protective cardboard as well as heavy duty non-marking paper and then additionally wrapped in several layers plastic.

canvas print austin texas photographer
Fabrication details of a canvas print from a local printer

As I would be hand delivering this canvas print myself I wanted to present hit with a personal touch. I also wanted the print to be protected just in case anything happen during the short Transit time.

gift wrap wrapping canvas print austin texas photographer print twine
The final touches on a canvas print, now ready for delivery
I added a personal note on the wrapping paper written in chalk. And finally, a simple bow tied with twine to show how much their patronage means to me.

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